my design work in and out of architecture

Arch 201, Charrette 01

The design problem for this quarter was a bath house. We were to design a bath house situated on a somewhat remote plot of land in Mount Baldy. Charrette 01 consisted of a straight-forward case study done in groups of three to five. My group consisted of myself, Hugo Santibanez, and Alex Metzler, and our case study was Therme Vals by Peter Zumthor.

We had to produce drawings, create two presentation boards, and create “conceptual models” of the project. These models were not meant to be literal interpretations of the work, but rather intended to evoke the spiritual and conceptual nature of our chosen projects.

The layout for the boards was done by Hugo and Alex, I’m pretty sure. Here are the three boards:

These are the two conceptual models I came up with:



This model is supposed to represent the sensual responsiveness of Therme Vals. Everything at Therme Vals was designed to stimulate all the senses and to be engaging. This model represents that in that it is visually interesting and invites the user to pick it up and play with it. The marbles move throughout the many layers much like water through river stones creating a soft noise. This reference is also found in Therme Vals.
This second model represents the serenity of the bath house. All the noise and stress of daily life, represented by the newpaper clad sphere, is frozen.