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Equator Tower


Equator Tower is a 380 meter tall, 173,000 square meter tower proposal acting as an anchoring project in a proposed redevelopment area. The submission was one of five winning proposals in a limited competition in 2012. Equipped with a retractable sun shade, the project efficiency is aimed to be maximized in all regards while providing a building that dematerializes in response to environmental conditions.

I was a member of the small design and development team for this project at REX Architecture. I worked on various aspects of the design throughout the process, but I spent a majority of my efforts in coordination with our facade consultants on the design/development of the dynamic screen. I’ve included here a small selection of project images and drawings. For a full project brief and complete project narrative follow the link below to the project page on REX’s website.

Click here for a full project description


A view of the tower with the facade retracted.



The lobby space under the screen.




View of the project from the main pedestrian access point.