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Yongsan Tower


“YIBD ‘Project R6’ is an urban boutique residence for short-term business people, young urban professionals, and foreign residents. Due to the transience of its target users and the short durations during which they are home, R6’s unit sizes are small, including 40 m², 50 m², and
60 m² residences, with the majority being 40 m².

To meet the trends of its users and compensate for its small unit size, R6 must engender a strong sense of community and its residences must be highly attractive, providing generous views, daylight, and cross-ventilation. Maximizing daylight and cross-ventilation are also paramount to providing a highly sustainable residence.

In a standard housing tower, 40 m² to 60 m² units would create poorly dimensioned and oppressive residences, offering constrained views, little daylight, and poor ventilation, and community would be limited to activities at the tower’s base.

By pulling blocks of the typical housing tower in opposing directions, the small units maintain their size, but are stretched into favorable proportions that provide views and daylight from both sides, excellent cross-ventilation, and a strong sense of community through the creation of a central courtyard, roof terraces, and conversation/reading/play pods.” – REX

I was a member of the small design and development team for this project at REX Architecture, and I worked on various aspects of the design throughout the whole of the Conceptual Design and Schematic Design phases. I’ve included here a small selection of project images and drawings. For a full project brief and complete project narrative follow the link below to the project page on REX’s website.

Click here for a full project description

REX_YIBD_1A view of the project at dusk.

A long section through the project.

REX_YIBD_3A night view in elevation.

A southern view of the project.