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Recursive Image Tessellation Elephant Mill

This triangular tessellation is an abstraction of an image and is generated through a script I wrote using the Processing programming language. I wrote the script to interpret an input image and give a resultant triangular tessellation with larger triangles representing brighter areas of the image and vice versa. After initial investigations/experiments I am very much liking the results that I have been able to produce.

Adding to this, I wrote a couple of RhinoScripts to interpret the data from Processing, recreate the triangular geometries as Rhino-native polylines, and simplify the resulting network of lines into the simplest, straightest paths for a CNC mill. I did this in order to convert this 2D representation into a 3-dimensional abstraction. The linework is milled out of a painted wooden board to create a rather intriguing relief.

Although I used a number of softwares/mediums to get the final finished product, I built the bulk of the programming in Processing.

Download Processing


Recursive Image Tessellation Elephant Mill

Detail of the milled piece.

Recursive Image Tessellation Elephant Mill

The image abstraction upon which the milled art piece was based.


Recursive Image Tessellation

Self portrait.