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Mariehoj Culture Center

The future Mairehoj culture center draws a clear profile in the landscape. With a new foyer, the culture center will get a new face that invites in all the people of Ruderdahl’s municipality and a heart that can bring together the many users and activities in the house.

The culture center merges together with the green landscape. It bridges the gap between the arrival area, the cultural plaza and the beautiful backyard of Mariehoj. It opens up toward the surroundings and incorporates the green qualities to the acitivites in the house.

The house is at the same time a cultural activity center and a well functioning working place. Through reorganization and rebuilding a more appropriate position is given to each of the various functions. At the same time more new functions, cross fields and meeting points are created. It brings together the multiple activities in the house and creates a space where new meetings and activities across interests and ages may arise.

I part of the design team on this project while I was employed at WE Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This project won first prize in an invited international competition and is in progress to be constructed.