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Grasshopper Basics

I put together these files a while back for a Grasshopper workshop I gave while I was working at WE Architecture in Copenhagen. While these files are not so much tutorials, they present the very basic knowledge that is necessary to be able to really get off the ground when using Grasshopper. There are three files: the Object definition serves as a sort of visual reference to the many different objects in Grasshopper and what they do: the Points definition breaks down the creation and manipulation of point objects within Grasshopper: and the Vector definition does the same for vectors. It is important to understand these concepts (especially vectors) as they serve as the foundation for just about all transformations in Grasshopper. Each one is meant to be taken as a sort of visual dictionary, and both the Points and Vectors files come with accompanying Rhino files as examples. Again, these are basic breakdowns. For a more thorough introduction into the world of Grasshopper download the Grasshopper Primer by Lift Architects.Enjoy learning Grasshopper!


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