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Living Market

Located very close to the busiest metro station in Denmark, Israel Plads can be seen asa central location various regions of København such as Nørrebro and the historical citycenter. This location makes for a natural gathering space for the inhabitants of the city andgreat social attractor, especially given its close proximity to Nørreport station. Until recently,however, Israel Plads had been used as nothing more than a parking lot for the adjacentbusinesses. Instead of becoming a social attractor, then, Israel Plads became not muchmore than a transient space meant to be passed through and not enjoyed. An interventionwas needed in order to bring a social life back the plaza and reinvigorate this urban node.The proposal to build an urban market at Israel Plads,then, must address more than just theshopping needs of local residents. A market at Israel Plads should serve a broader role inthe urban context as well.A Living Market proposes to retool the plaza and create a market that will not only provideall the necessary ammenities of an urban marketplace but also attempts to make connectionswith users on a broader urban scale. Starting with its formal disposition, the LivingMarket is meant to soften the edge of Israel Plads facing Fredriksborggade, the busieststreet adjacent to the site, and invite pedestrians in to the space. At the same time, a mirroringof this condition is necessary at the opposite end of the site along Vendersgade anda need to respect the existing building on the northern corner of the site means that a moreor less hard edge must be kept along that axis. The triangular form, then, evolves fromthe necessary conditions of the site. The motif is then carried from the building to the sitecomponents, informing elements such as the paving which continues on to the street and ismeant to blur the edges of the site and extend the extents of the plaza.On top of the market are a number of both covered and open garden spaces. These aremeant to be available to the shopkeepers of the market to grow their own produce as wellas the the general public as garden plots. Enveloping the entire mass is a planted facade.


Axonometric of market proposal.



Floorplan of market proposal.