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Hexagonal Weaving in Grasshopper

Hexagonal weaving definition in Grasshopper

This Grasshopper definition was inspired by the structure for the new Pompidou-Metz Center by Shigeru Ban. The structure is said to be inspired by hexagonal weaving pattern found in traditional Chinese hats. This is a very common weaving pattern also found in things such as chairs. For a large scale structure, however, it is impractical to actually have the member be woven together. Instead, each direction of the members is layered on top of each other and then sandwiched together to create the supporting structure. This definition takes an input surface an maps a hexagonal grid along which the geometry is structured according to user input. Again, feel free to use/change the definition as you want, but shoot me an email if you do something cool with it. I’d like to see it.

Hexagonal weaving definition in Grasshopper

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