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Sectioning Tool for Rhino

I came up with this script when I was working on my coffee table idea. I needed to slice a lot of sections through the finished geometry to be able to cut and build the table. Doing them all by hand using Rhino’s section command was taking forever, and the design kept changing so I needed to do this often. Additionally, after creating the sections it was hell trying to figure out which piece was what after flattening them all out.

Instead of struggling over and over again, I came up with this sectioning script. It cuts a desired number of sections in the U, V, and W directions (same as X, Y, Z). It puts them on a separate layer for easy managing, and it also labels each resulting shape sequentially. The annotation then goes on a separate layer as well.

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cutting multiple=This script takes a selected geometry (left) and creates the desired number of cuts in each direction (right).