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Arch 202, Charrette 02


As an extension of Charrette 01, this excersice required that we give a scale to our dense network of cells and insert a program, however impossibly dense, into the volume. The 3d field was to serve as a paper storage facility to be serviced by a lone archivist. As far as the paper storage goes, we were to use given movable shelving units. The objective was to insert the maximum number of shelving units while conforming to circulation guidelines outlined in Architectural Graphic Standards and allowing for as much natural light as possible. See the actual assignment handout here.

Instead of trying to pack each room individually with as many of the storage units as would neatly fit, I decided to lay out the storage units linearly and insert them. I literally carved out the spaces into which long rows of these storage units would fit. This seemed like a better way to insert the program for a number of reasons. For one, carving out these sections in the program gave the whole convoluded structure a definite sense of direction while still maintaining the integrity of the original cells. This configuration also allowed for the maximum number of shelving units to be inserted into the structure while still allowing for comfortable access for the attending archivist. Additionally, the mobile nature of the storage units meant that the entire piece of architecture would be in constant flux. The units become part of the walls and as the shelves are moved around the buildings perception changes. The amount of light entering a space would be affected. Lines of sight would appear and disappear withing the program. Individual spaces would either be completely isolated or share common space. And, because the units were pressed to the outer walls in some cases, as long as the building was in use the exterior percepion of the building would never remain a constant.

plan of layoutThis is a plan of the third level. The shelving units not only act as storage, but as integral parts of the building; as part of the circulation. Click on the image to view all the drawings.

view oneAn aerial view of the archive. The wood blocks represent rows of storage units. The clear linear parti established by the introduction of the units is clearly evident in this picture.

view twoA view from the opposite side. Although the configuration is set up to allow for the maximum amount of storage, the circulation layout established by the manner in which the stroage units are introduced along with the hight ceiling heights keeps the program from getting over saturated.