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Dark Spot Sketch

I got the idea for this skecth by from some of the work of Casey Reas in Processing. The sketch consists of a number of circles which move about the working area. If two or more sphere collide, each one gradually takes on the direction of the other until each elements respective directional momentum seperates them. While the elements are connected, however, strokes are drawn to the screen at each of the circles center. This is what you see in the sketch. The longer the circles stay connected, the broader the stroke. The result is a dynamic creation that can be almost hypnotizing. Click to stop/start the animation.

This version is optimized for the web, so only a small number of initial elements are being used to create the drawing. Feel free to download the source code and alter the number of elements, however. The more elements, the cooler it look, but it will run slower.

Launch the Applet

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